Longhair Dancer Katsina Doll
Longhair Dancer Katsina Doll
Hopi Kachinas by Sammie Walker

Longhair Dancer Katsina Doll


Longhair Dancer Katsina Doll

Longhair Dancer Katsina Doll by Sammie Walker They dance for rain, crops, food and the celebration of harvest. The rain falls on his long hair as he dances for rain and harvest.

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Longhair Dancer Katsina Doll

by Sammie Walker (Navajo-Hopi)

Longhair Dancer Katsina Doll. The Longhair is originally from Zuni Pueblo and he appears at most Hopi Mesas and is one of the most popular Katsinam. He wears his hair loose on his back to represent falling rain. These Katsinam appear in a group and sing a very powerful melodious song which may be one reason that they are such favorites. Their purpose is to bring rain, and it is said that they seldom dance without the appearance of a soft gentle rain to help the crops grow. This is a wonderful piece that is created in a style that is unusual today. Very few of the artists make the Native American dolls this way. The action is wonderful and the carving, painting and details are very accurate.



17.5 in. tall


Sammie Walker–1661

Native American Hopi Kachina Dolls:

Hopi Katsinam are crafted to acknowledge celestial beings, significant animals to the Hopi people, and the ancestors who help with their harvest, raising their spirits as well as raising their children. The Hopi people believe that the Katsina dancers possess supernatural powers, though they are men from the village wearing masks and feathered costumes.

There are hundreds of Hopi Katsinam, “personations” of supernatural beings, important animals and ancestors who help the Hopi people raise their crops, their children, and their spirits. The Katsina dancers are men wearing masks–each of which represents a particular Katsina–and paint and feathered costumes. Everyone in the village, aside from the children, knows that the Katsina dancers are actually men from the village, though Katsinam are still believed to have supernatural powers. Much of the value in these dances is found to be instructing the young. Hand carved and collector items. Signed and numbered.

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