The Navajo Nation Fundraiser

Navajo Nation Fundraiser:

Purchase any product on our website and we will donate 10% of all proceeds to support the Navajo Nation.

A fundraiser to help the Navajo by our friends at Antinanco. The Navajo Nation is disproportionally affected by COVID-19, having the highest infections per capita due to 30% of people having no access to running or clean water at home. As part of Turtle Island United, we are continuing to support our Navajo brothers and sisters with clean water solutions.

We sell Navajo Nation Kachinas/Katsinas which support the Nation financially.

Navajo Kachina Dolls: Made by the Navajo Nation to support their villages, Navajo Kachinas are beautiful, sort after, and affordable. They come in three different sizes. Please choose leather/clothes colors: red, white, black, tans/golds, blues/greens. The feather colors vary.

It is clear upon examination of these dolls that the Navajo Kachina is not hand-carved from cottonwood root as are the Hopi Katsinam. The body parts of the Navajo Kachina are machine made; the dolls are then pegged, glued together, clothed and painted and hand-finished by the Navajo maker. These are more a totem item rather than an embodiment of the spirit as they are made to support the villiage. Read more about Kachinas.



Some major Kachinas and their spiritual meanings:

Badger (south)—healers, aggressiveness, perseverance
Bear (west)—healer, strength, introspection
Buffalo—strength, endurance to rise above one’s weaknesses
Butterfly–Butterfly directs the medicine man to ingredients that can be used in medicine. The Butterfly Kachina brings together unmarried men and women. During the butterfly social dance they appear as a pair, one female and one male.
Deer—abundance in the natural world
Eagle (zenith or sky)—spirit, a connection to the Divine Hawk—see things differenlty,
Change Owl—wise, smart, patient, the unseenRaven—healer
Snake—a force in life, death and rebirth
Wolf (east)—teacher, pathfinder on the journey of survival, familly