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Drums, Flutes & Rattles: Native American musical instruments, handmade by artists from various tribes. Crafted and accented with natural materials, we offer unique objects of art and craft.

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We offer mother drums, two-sided drums, tom-toms, hand drums, flutes and rattles.

DRUMS: The round form of the drum represents the universe and its steady strong beat is the pulse, the heart, the throbbing at the center of the universe. This sound stirs us and helps us to understand the mystery and power of all things.

DRUM CARE: Drums can be sensitive to humidity. Use reasonable care when storing your drum. If the drum becomes too tight, place a wet towel inside the drum for a short time, allowing the rawhide to absorb some moisture. Let the drum dry out. If the hide becomes warped and the tone of the drum becomes flat, you can place the drum in direct sunlight or, to speed the drying, place the drum in an open oven at a very low heat. Periodically massage a natural oil into the hide to help maintain the tone of your drum.

FLUTES: Native American flutes are instruments of music, ceremony, entertainment, courtship and love. Some Navajo medicine men say a girl will find irresistible the boy who plays the flute for her. Most traditional Navajo flutes were made from sunflower stalk; today the flutes are evolving into a medium of artistic expression that uses a variety of materials. Jonah Thompson (Navajo) makes all of our flutes. The standard Native American Flute is the A Minor which we stock in pine with many different animal totems and stained in three different colors. We also carry a smaller D Minor, also in pine with many different animal totems and stained in three different colors. Jonah also makes our cedar flutes which are in F Sharp, G Minor and E Minor. As well as a double-chamber, or drone flute, which has one chamber that is a constant tone much like an organ. The other chamber is a standard flute which is available in either F Sharp or A Minor. The cedar flutes are richer in sound than the pine and are becoming the most popular flutes in our line.

Flute Care: Flutes, both pine and cedar, need to be maintained and the totem and leather strapping adjusted for sound quality. There are many books on flute care.

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