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Bear Claw Pendant with Turquoise and Coral by Mike Thomas


Bear Claw pendant. Bear Claw Pendant with Turquoise and Coral by Mike Thomas

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Bear Claw Pendant with Turquoise and Coral by Mike Thomas

Native American Navajo Made Bear Claw Pendant with Turquoise and Coral by Mike Thomas

This wonderful bear claw was capped with Sterling silver and accented with a coral and Kingman turquoise stone by a Navajo silversmith Mike Thomas. Bear is associated with great strength and is considered to be a powerful healer. Bear (west) –  a symbol for healing, and displayed strength, courage and introspection. The bear is associated with great strength, power, healing and self-knowledge. He is the great protector, the “sacred bear” He is a spiritual guide and also carries within him supernatural powers. Bear is a powerful healing fetish. All bear fetishes are powerful but the white bear is the most powerful medicine bear.

The claw will curl one way or the other. This pendant has an integrated bale.


1.75 in. long complete; 3.8 grams


The usage of all materials: hematite, shell, pinon and glass goes deep into the tradition of spirit and earth.




22 in. long

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Jewelry plays a large role in Native American culture. It tells stories, holds history, and represents spiritual beliefs and cultures of every tribe across America.

Beginning as early as 12,000 years ago, jewelry-making was unique to the respective geographic area of each tribe, featuring natural materials that could only be found in surrounding environments. This allowed tribes to offer slight variations in designs since the supplies necessary to craft these delicate accessories were major trade items. Jewelry-making has evolved in technique and materials used over the years, but still is a primary focus of Native American culture today.

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