Hopi Kachinas by Sammie Walker

Native American Katsina Butterfly Hemis Harvest by Sammie Walker


Native American Made Butterfly Hemis Harvest Katsina Doll by Sammie Walker

Hemis Katsina appears at the Home-Going (Niman) ceremony in late summer.  He is the Kachina who brings the rain & grown corn .

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Native American Katsina Doll Butterfly Hemis Harvest by Sammie Walker (Navajo-Hopi)

Hemis Native American Katsina or Kachina appears at the Home-Going (Niman) ceremony in late summer (July). He is originally from Jemez Pueblo, where he is an important figure in bringing rain prior to harvest. He is the Katsina who brings the grown corn to the people, ensuring a good harvest. This particular Katsina is a Butterfly Hemis. It is a celebration of not only the harvest, but the butterflies that come in the summer and pollinate the plants. The butterflies are also gentle reminders of the beauty in our lives. Very few of the artists make the Native American dolls this way. The action on this piece is wonderful and the carving, painting and details are very accurate.


18 in. tall

Hopi Katsinam are crafted to acknowledge celestial beings, significant animals to the Hopi people, and the ancestors who help with their harvest, raising their spirits as well as raising their children. The Hopi people believe that the Katsina dancers possess supernatural powers, though they are men from the village wearing masks and feathered costumes. There are hundreds of Hopi Katsinam, “personati ons” of supernatural beings, important animals and ancestors who help the Hopi people raise their crops, their children, and their spirits.

Sammie Walker, master carver of Kachina dolls since the age of 8, was born to Deer Water Clan. At the age of 8, Sammie developed a love of carving. Since that time Sammie has carved dolls for local enthusiasts as well as for Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton and President Fox of Mexico. Hand carved and collector items.

All his carvings are Signed and numbered.


16.5 in. tall

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